Terms & Condition

The following points discuss the rules and regulations for taking services from Social Media Marketing, situated in Canada. We assume that you accept these terms and conditions by accessing this website. In case you don’t agree to all the terms and conditions kindly do not continue with SEO marketing services in Canada.

-The earnings mentioned on the website are an estimate of what would be the close figure possible now and in the future. We cannot give total assurance that this would be the outcome if you take our services.

-In this scenario, the client would agree that I am not responsible for your financial growth, the success, and the failure of your business. The one who is solely responsible is you for the results.

-The social media marketing items used by the company are at your own risk. Our e-commerce SEO agency in Canada is not affiliated with any other entity.

– We incorporate the use of cookies. Therefore, by hiring us you agree to use the cookies.

It has been seen that most interactive websites use cookies to retrieve the details of the users after each visit. Our affiliate/advertising partners may also use cookies.

– You are not allowed to copy, duplicate or reproduce any material from Social Media Marketing Agency.

-Once the agreement is signed, all the policies will come into force from the date “the agreement date”. 

-If there is no particular period mentioned in the agreement, then the initial period would be 12 months.

-You can cancel the agreement by offering a 30 days notice. In case you don’t do it, then the contract will renew automatically for subsequent terms of 1 month. 

-Once the contract is commenced, the company will keep providing the service for the initial or subsequent period.

-The social media marketing service in Canada would be provided after a detailed study with reasonable skills and care.

-The company can come up with all the reasonable changes to enhance the social media marketing services.

-Similarly, if the clients want to incorporate some changes in the strategy, then the company would cater to it.

-The company can come up with all the reasonable changes to enhance the social media marketing services.

-We would be requiring all your social media credentials for the social media platform. To implement all the strategies. Therefore, the client agrees to do so before the commencement date.

-The client will give the authority to the SMO agency in Canada to use its social media account credentials for the sole purpose of social media marketing. All the information given by the client would remain confidential.

Active involvement
-The company would require detailed information about the client’s day-to-day business activities. The idea behind social media marketing and any inspiration, idol, particular trending idea, or wishes the client would like to include.

-Moreover, our company would ask from time to time for clients’ input or feedback for the content published in the process of social media marketing services.

-The prices and fees vary for every package and service. The client would need to pay the initial fee as mentioned in our agreement.

-The initial fees would be due within 7 days of the date of the agreement.

-The fees of the retainer month would be due within 30 days of the date of the company’s invoice

-Any information shared for the sole purpose of social media advertising shall not be leaked and must be kept confidential.

-There should not be any other use of the confidential information for any other purpose other than the rules included in the terms and conditions.

Reservation of rights
-We have the right to ask the client to remove all the links or any selective link to our website. Therefore, you agree to the terms to remove links on our request.

-We also have the right to amend these rules and the linking policy any time we want.

-The linking policy bounds you to follow the linking terms and conditions of continuously linking to our website.

-The company has the right to terminate this agreement with a prior time given of 1 month to the client.

-The client cannot terminate the agreement not before four months, once the contract is confirmed for an initial term.